Microneedling at Carmel’s

Microneedling causes micro trauma to the skin which stimulates collagen production. This treatment is excellent for many skin concerns such as:

– Scarring
– Pigment
– Wrinkles
– Stretch Marks
– Acne Scars
– Dull, Ageing Skin

A course of 3 to 6 is recommended @three weekly intervals. Results are visible immediately and improve over following weeks as collagen is stimulated The downtime following treatment depends on needle depth used, your skin will be a little tender following treatment and dry for a few days.

Please note we use a vertical pen system not the traditional hand held roller therefore this promotes scar-less healing similar to fractional laser but without the side effects. The needles are single use and adjustable creating a safer more efficient treatment.

Prices from €150 to €250 – Free consultation without obligation any queries please call

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